Custom Projects Tailored Solutions for Unique Co-Packing Needs

Innovating Beyond Boundaries with Custom Services

TEKPAK's custom services set us apart in the co-packing industry.

Our commitment to thoroughness in project execution, combined with our advanced engineering capabilities, positions us as a leader in solving the most challenging problems for our customers. We're not just service providers; we're problem-solving partners committed to the success of your unique projects.

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In-House Engineering Solutions

Engineering Your Success. Our in-house engineering team excels in developing customized solutions for complex co-packing challenges. From conceptualization to execution, we leverage our technical expertise to deliver solutions that align precisely with your project specifications.

Flexible Product and Design Requirements

Adapting to Your Vision. Flexibility is at the core of our custom services. Whether it's unique packaging designs, special material requirements, or innovative product formulations, we work closely with you to turn your vision into a tangible, market-ready product.

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Case Study Transforming Challenges into Triumphs: TEKPAK's Custom Project Excellence

A client brought us product market tested well with consumers, but the intricate design was not cost-effective for mass production. Leveraging our engineering expertise and innovative problem-solving we found a path to cost effective production with minimal updates to design.

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