Setting the Stage: Navigating Retail Re-entry

We embarked on a mission to reintroduce a popular salt line into the retail market. With a focus on reviving the brand's image, the task involved a complex partnership with the client to develop a marketable and visually appealing product.

The Challenge: A Vision Meets Reality

The project's core challenge lay in devising new packaging designs, including aesthetically pleasing boxes with windows, while maintaining practical production considerations.

Our Innovative Solution: Where Design Meets Practicality

Leveraging our familiarity with all stages of product production, we devised an economical yet effective process. This process ingeniously balanced the marketing department's aesthetic desires with the realities of manufacturing, ensuring the final product was both attractive and feasible for mass production.

Triumph in Collaboration: Achieving the Extraordinary

The success of the project showcases our expertise in packaging innovation and client collaboration. The outcome was a triumphant re-entry of the salt brand into the retail market, featuring packaging that impeccably married design and functionality. This case study underscores TEKPAK's role as a crucial partner in the co-packing industry, capable of turning complex packaging challenges into market successes.

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*Photo by Jason Tuinstra on Unsplash